Have you ever gone to a party and “that guy” showed up who everyone wanted to be around because of their fascinating stories and charisma? To be clear, I’m not that guy. Not even close. My cocktail conversation go-tos include topics like how to fix the federal student lending program, the emerging opportunity to invest in back-office technology companies that compete against paper and Excel, and of course I sure as heck can wax poetic about how to manage credit portfolios through a recession. Sounds like fun? Doubt it!

With this said, I did have the privilege of being interviewed on stage at Money2020 by Julie Verhage (the fantastic fintech reporter) to talk about how credit businesses should think about, prepare for and manage through a recession. In this context and in front of the Money2020 attendees, my ramblings are at the very least appropriate and (gasp) might even be considered interesting!

Link to the video:

Money2020 Session: The Looming Recession

So, invites are being accepted to any and all parties.  I’m clearly not “The World’s Most Interesting Man” but I do have a thing or two to say about a fintech thing or two.

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