I like Twitter.  Unapologetically.  Until I started using it regularly I didn’t appreciate the power of the platform and how it’s a true universal equalizer.  Anyone can search for interesting people to follow and interesting conversations to join.  The platform is designed to allow interaction with no material barriers to speak of.  A college student with no real-world experience who’s interested in a topic like “fintech” can join in conversations with Founders and VC backers of great fintech companies.  And what’s amazing is that their participation is welcomed as long as they have something to say.  To be clear, I’m talking about the professional corners of Twitter, not the worst parts where conversations devolve instantaneously into playground insults and nasty trolling.  I’m not talking about political echo-chambers and I’m not talking about Stanboy fanaticism.  I’m talking about professional conversations taking place in 280 character thoughts.

And while a 280 character statement may not sound like it can contain a lot of content, I personally think when used correctly it forces an author to distill complexity into simplicity.  Threads of tweets can be strung together to guide a reader through a complex topic.  All it takes is the ability to break down a topic into distinctly shareable “thought nuggets”.  Editing is the key to making the platform work, and while difficult, when done correctly it creates powerful threads.  I’ve found that my Twitter threads get multiples of the attention and more importantly interaction than my typical blog posts.  The power of “thought nuggets” is amazing!

I’m a writer at heart (which shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who know me) so my conversion didn’t happen overnight.  But now that I’m a convert I want to share my newfound love of the platform with the fintech community so that they can join me on the journey.  Follow me (@fintechjunkie), join in conversations I start (retwteet liberally to keep the conversations going), start conversations with your own voice and thoughts, and never forget that curiosity fuels personal growth. 

Lastly, what follows is a list of some of the interesting conversations that I’ve started recently on Twitter.  While they’ve run their course over the past few months, there’s nothing to stop a reader from sharing and kick-starting the conversation again.


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