Today, American Banker published a short piece I pulled together that you can find here:

Answers to These Four Questions Will Determine Online Lenders’ Fate

The piece describes a framework for thinking about what it will take to survive in today’s ever changing environment.  Everyone I talk to seems nervous about something — be it the securitization markets or the ability for companies to raise needed equity capital or the general health of the economy.  The truth is that we’ve been living in magical times the past few years which couldn’t last forever.  But, just because things are about to get a little more difficult doesn’t automatically imply that it’s “game over” for the specialty lenders and originators.  It does mean that the weak will struggle (and possibly die out), the good will survive, and the best-of-breed will thrive.  There’s nothing like a good stress-test to shake things up a bit and separate the wheat from the chaff.  Thriving, Surviving or Dying — Pick One!

As always, thoughts are welcome.  And if you happen to be a new reader that found their way here from the American Banker article, feel free to check out some of my previous posts (scroll down) and come back frequently for new content (about twice a month).



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