Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!

LendIt is here once again and I have to say that I’m actually excited to see 3,600 of my closest friends all in one place at one time.  If you’re like me, your calendar is already full and you still have a long list of people you want to see but couldn’t fit in.  And in addition to finding time for meetings, I’ll be one of the judges for the PitchIt competition on Monday and on a panel discussing “Valuation Trends” on Tuesday.  So, come see me if you happen to be at the Conference!

But, unlike last year, I’m not publishing a comprehensive paper this time around.  Trust me – I wanted to – but I just didn’t have the time to pull it off for LendIt.  Those of you who have read the two papers I released last year know that I’m not good at writing “short form” about serious topics.  (You can find them here: The Hourglass Effect and The Brave 100).  I’m in therapy for this and making progress!

With this said, I did pull together a quick 2 page primer with a few thoughts to consider if you’re at the conference.  The mood is likely to be more somber than in past years and some real skeptics will be present and vocal.  But as an industry a lot of great things are happening and in a few quarters we’ll look back at this time and recognize it for the speed-bump that it is.

Welcome Back My Friends

Have fun reading and see you at the show!

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